Molesting a Girl sexually isan act of insanity-CEO ofpenpusher

Chief Executive Officer(CEO)
of penpushermedia organization, Mr
Dimeji KayodeAdepeji stated that, it
is only a madman that willhaving the
urge to molest a girl-child.
This information was
gathered during aninterview on
Monday at Iwe-Iroyin.
According to Mr. Dimeji
kayode Adedeji,”molesting a child is
an act of insanity, it is onlya madman
that will have the urge to become

intimatewith a girl-child, because for
an aged manto have sex with a girl-
child, surely something mustbe wrong
The CEO further said
that there is somethingcalled
addiction, it appears like a diseaseto
men because men who are addicted
would always havethe urge to molest
young girls andthat’s the reason he
called it madness.

Another resident of
Abeokuta, BTA Babalolaa lecturer in
Moshood Abiola Polytechnicsaid that
it is a mental madness. He further
explainedthat, molesting a girl child is
common inthis country and our
Government are doing nothingabout it.
“Most of these problems
are caused by theparents of this
Generation,in the sense that
a10years old child using an iphone,
tell me why theywill not know what is
beyond them. Letstake this Baba
Ijesha case for an example, who
knowsif that little girl has been
exposed to thisthing called
pornography or not?” He concluded.
Rasaq Ibrahim olamide

Fatia Remilekun Oreoluwa
By:Ogundiya janet adeola

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